Did you always wanted a sailing boat but you are worried about the costs?

Or do you already have one but it's just too costly and time consuming for you at the moment?

We have a perfect solution for you – you can buy or have your own sailing boat and sail with it as much as you like, but on free weeks we will rent it out for you.

Also, we will take over all maintenance and agreements with marina, so your sailing beauty will at any point remain in perfect condition, no matter how much sailing she will do.

Our charter management program maximizes your return on investment while giving you full flexibility in your holiday planning!

What do we offer within our charter management service?


Consulting and support with purchase, registration and insurance of your boat.

According to your needs and expectation within charter management we will find the right boat for you and take over the administrative part of its registration and insurance.

Active marketing and selling activities to guarantee booking within the free weeks.

We have wide net of charter agencies within which we have high level of trust and professionalism. Booking can be done also directly through the agencies, enabling higher rate of successful booking. You can track availability of your boat also through our internet booking system.

We take over complete booking of your sailing boat

From first contact, to arranging all documentation and support with the check in/check out to cleaning and preparing the sailing boat for the new charter story.

Complete maintenance of your boat, following the legal procedures, valid for charter activities.

This includes regular yearly and seasonal repairing, preparation for the new sailing season and technical support to your or any charter crew, using the boat during the booking.

We enable you full transparency regarding profits and costs

For each cost above a certain amount we get your approval and you have a full access to lo book of your sailing boat at any point.

Why Choose Just Perfect Y.C. Charter Management?


You will leave your sailing beauty in the hands of professional team, which is connected to sailing for over 20 years. Strong sales team and support activities will ensure maximum profit while keeping the costs optimized. Your sailing beauty will always be ready for sailing and in perfect condition, which will be also be great starting point if you decide to sell it.

Call us for more information or for informative meeting – we will be happy to answer your questions.